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    Install application at BOOT time.


      Before the wonderful world of LANDesk came to our company, we deployed many applications with group policies.  You can all wipe the smirks off your faces now.


      Once of the "features" was that installation occurred at boot time.  Granted they pulled down installation files at that time, but we were almost assured files would not be open yet, processes running that are part of the user experience so we avoided all the "close this app" and "kill this process" before attempting an upgrade of install.


      I am at a loss for how to accomplish this in LANDesk.  Ideally I'd like to get the files down the the computer and simply wait for the next boot to initiate the installation. That way I don't have to deal with some of those cumbersome issues of having a user logged in.  Obviously some may be too long to install for this to be feasible, but for the majority of our installs this would work well.


      Any comments or maybe I'm looking at this problem wrong?