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    Core Rollup Server Specs


      Installing LDMS 9.0 with 13,000 devices. Using the specs for 12,000 to 16,000 - Core and Database on Seperate Servers. To add a Rollup server into this configuration, would it's specs be the same as the Core, or the Database Sever?


      Thanks in advance.

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          I wouldn't go as far as saying the same as the core. I have used a rollup core in the past and it was about half of what the core was. I was running three cores and around 19000 clients. With that being said, the rollup core had 4gb of memory and a two dual core processors. It doesn't have to be a beast of a server. Are you only implementing one core or do you plan to have multiple cores?

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            Thanks, If that's the case, then I have a lot of "room to spare".

            We are using one core and db for our servers, and one core and  db for desktops.

            I was assigned the task to provide LANDesk "Official" specs for the Rollup.

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              Lol don't know if an actual "Official" spec document exists for Rollup core. The Rollup core is one of those things that seems to have been forgotten. It's still there but not too many people talk about it. Since the Rollup core doesn't really do many of the tasks a normal core does, it doesn't need as much hardware as the core. It's main function is to serve as a reporting core.

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                I found two LANDesk Docs, "SQL Tuning and Configuration", and "Installing and Configuring a New Rollup Core version 5". Between the two, I found what I needed to submit for review. Thanks to Ron Howard for his assistance.