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    UMA Not restoring files


      We just customized our UMA xml file. Most backups and files work but today we started to notice that a folder named (null) is being created on the server that we run the profile migration from. This (null ) folder contains several folders that were part of the profile migration and are not being put back on the target pc.


      Anyone encounter this and know how to fix it?



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          EMiranda Expert

          maybe someone manually renamed the folders?


          from my understanding of the basic capture script, uma does not create any folders.


          It maps to a storage share and then captures a file based off one of three values.  You can choose computer name, MAC or Serial.


          it then creates your profile .sma file under the name (example)  - \\%server%\%storagepath%\%Computer - Device Name%.sma



          im not sure what is creating this null folder, do you get any odd return codes in your OSD log when capturing, they are here - \\%coreserver%\ldlog

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            I am not sure what you mean by "manually renamed the folders" ?


            We run UMA on the source PC which gives us the option of where to save the back up file. This is on our core server. for each user it creates 3 files. We use the user name for the file creation, so the files would be for example...... mike.sma , mike.sma.DriveC and mike_.xml


            It starts to create this null file when the back up is restored to the target PC. Not all of the files are being put in the (null) folder either.

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              EMiranda Expert

              I understand now. I am not sure what could be causing the null folders. maybe something to do with the customization in your .xml file. Did it do it before the customization?



              I believe you can specify the log file directory by adding the switch /o logfile or by adding below under <MISC> and check out the log files to see what it is going on.



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                So basically what we have found out is that our command xml file did not include proper destination for the restored files and therefore created this (null) folder where the backup was run from since it did not know where to put it.


                After correcting the destination locations for in the command file, everything works like a charm.