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    OSD to go EoL?


      We had our LANDesk reseller/partner in today and they warned us that OSD is due to go EoL in the next major release of Management Suite, however at Interchange last year I remember the question being asked and the answer from LANDesk was no it won't be going EoL.


      Can someone from LANDesk confirm or dispel this information?

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          EMiranda Expert

          I don't think they will take OSD out of the product, I think they probably mean that they wont enhance it anymore and put more focus on enhancing Provisioning.  To be honest I haven't seen much enhancements in OSD in a little bit and I think it works just fine.  I really hope they don't have plans to take it out of the product because that would not be good for many customers.


          Ill be at Interchange this year and Operating System Deployment roadmap is definitely something I will like to know more about for the future of LANDesk.