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    Download updates not working


      Hello Guys,


      Im trying to Download updates for LANDesk 9.0 and I always get folowing error:


      Verifying access to site Europe (https://patchemea.landesk.com)

      Verifying access to site US West Coast (https://patch.landesk.com)

      Verifying access to site US East Coast (https://patchec.landesk.com)

      You have not specified a valid site from which to download updates. Please verify your network connection settings.

      Definitions update failed


      Im sure proxy settings + user credentials are ok.


      Manualy accessing for example https://patchemea.landesk.com works. Also browsing any other site on the internet using same proxy and user credentials works as well.


      Any Ideas what to check?



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          I got it working.


          I analyzed bit traffic that is coming from core server to our proxy.


          Despite the fact that I fiiled in user and password in proxy settings tab and I checked that proxy requires login all comunication that was comming from core server was anonymous thus denied by proxy.


          So I unchecked proxy requires login and sudenly everything was working. (user currently logged in was used instead of user specified in proxy settings)


          Yesterday no matter what I checked/unchecked it wasnt working.


          So now I dont know if there was something wrong with our proxy server or with landesk patch servers yesterday but it doesnt matter now.

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            Is the service account locked out? I undersatnd you get this error if you have a lock out.



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              mrspike SSMMVPGroup

              On the core, also check IE Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings, if anthing is checked here it sometimes breaks LANDesk