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    Imaging issues



      LD 8.8






      Ok so heres the deal i am trying to image my pc via LD. On this one specific pc it fails. It doesn't error it just hangs. This is when i am trying to capture and image. I can use a different one sitting right next me and it will capture no issues. Also this pc hangs when trying to push an image to it. I originally pushed one from landesk and worked fine. This pc did have landesk in a ghost image originally and it was removed shouldn't be an issue RIGHT? The core shows only 1 task on this pc. When I image other pc's there are more tasks in the task section. I found a couple different posts on here but it did not help trouble-shoot my problem. Any suggestions? I did try to re-register iis w/ no result and rebooted core. This also happens when trying to do a profile copy. I don't have any issues w/ pxe service it boot with no issuse. And it is also winpe in case you are wondering.



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          Is the machine you are having the issues with the same make/model as the one you are able to get to work?

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            it is a different model but i can get the same model and image with no issues as well, i know there is nothing wrong with the pc i can ghost it w/ no issue. Is there somekind of inverntory it takes of imaged pc on landesk. Is there something that can hang from mac addys or pc names?

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              If the machine already has inventory information in LANDesk that shouldn't cause a problem. If you open up your management suite, go to configuration > pxe holding queue, do you see your machine in there? Also I'm assuming you are doing a DOS deployment and not a WinPE? What kind of a machine is it?

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                No does not show up in holding q.






                I am actually using winpe. I am using the landesk imaging tool.  I am trying to add an attachment to show the process from the core but this site keeps bombing.



                The machine is a HP dx2300.



                I have an image and have pushed it but we are trying to make a master image with sysprep and after that is when i would no longer capture the image from this device.



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                  i grabbed the same exact model and i can image it no issue. The other at the custom job processing box would always hang at the first task winpe, timeout=1500









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                    SuperMan SupportEmployee

                    Did the target machine load the WinPE image successfully? If so under WinPE you can open a cmd prompt and check if the device has gotten an IP address, also if the hard drive has been successfully detected via diskpart command.

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                      leffrt SupportEmployee

                      Also try to verify that you are not having a name resolution problem.  Since this fails on profile migration too I would check that out.  Run the image script manually from PxE and if it boots into PE, you choose the script, and nothing happens do what Leon suggested and open a commang prompt.  Type net use to see if anything mapped.  If it's not mapping the drives try to modify the LMHOSTS in the PE image.