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    Unusual behaviour for the Category Dropdown


      Hi, I have just upgraded our uat environment from 7.2.6 to 7.4.

      When entering a category on the new incident windows (incident 4) we could previously enter the text into the box, which would then auto complete and hit tab to go to the next field. e.g.

      perm - visio

      which would (and still does) auto complete to PERMISSIONS - VISIO.


      However in the live environment (7.2.6) we can push tab and the category is entered into the form, in the UAT environment (7.4) when we push tab, the box clears.

      if you click on the drop down at any time the list resets and you can find the category by using the + navigation and click it. this is the only way 7.4 will accept the category.


      Has anyone else seen this behaviour and is there a fix for it?