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    How does the "Refresh Scope" toolbar button work?


      Good day,


      We have two scopes applied to certain technicians, one based on IP range, so they only see workstation devices on their own site, and another that picks up Bare Metal Devices so they can add a device to a Provisinoing task before it has an IP address in the db. For example:


      • "Computer"."Network"."TCPIP"."Address" >= "" AND "Computer"."Network"."TCPIP"."Address" <= ""
      • "Computer"."OS"."Name" = "Bare Metal" OR "Computer"."Scan Type" = "BAREMETAL"


      However, newly added BMDs (even after they've been booted into WinPE and therefore have an IP in the database) can take up to an hour to appear in the console for scoped users. This prevents them from provisioning new machines in a timely manner. Unscoped users can see them immediately.


      I'm aware this is down to the frequency at which the core refreshes scope content. The solution, as far as I can tell, should be the "Refresh Scope" button in the main LDMS toolbar. My understanding is that this should force a refresh of the user's scopes?


      However, it doesn't. Whether I click it (as an LD administrator) or the tech clicks it (who is granted the "Refresh scopes" right by role) nothing happens. The only way to accelerate the appeance of new devices is for me to open the User management panel and double-click the scope and list its content. The device then appears for the scoped user.


      Am I misunderstanding the purpose of the Refresh scope button? Is it broken? Is there something kooky about the scope definitions that is causing the issue?