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      We use the "pending file rename" field to decide whether a landesk client requires a reboot. At the moment there are a small number of users that have this file in the following location that are showing up as a false positive and so should not require a reboot.


      c:\%USERPROFILE\local settings\temp\temp0.jar


      Gone through google looking for references to the file but found nothign useful. Has anyone else seen anything similar?

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          Have looked into this a bit more today. The file is being created by a program called yuuguu whenever it starts (currently set by most users to start on boot up). Once yuuguu has been shut down I can delete the file, only issue is that when yuuguu starts it recreates the file.  

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            Glad to hear you figured it out, and that you posted how and what you can do afterwards.


            Our biggest offender in the "pending file rename area" is our antivirus software. It performs a lot of self updating, and seems its changing a lot of "in use" files quite frequently. Seems its a lot of DLL's and tmp files. I think this is true for other AV software as well. We're using F-Secure for AV software.