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    LANDesk 7.3.2 and MS Exchange 2010


      Our company is about to upgrade to MS Exchange 2010 and I was asked to research if this would have any impact on our LANDesk 7.3.2 mailboxes and Mail Management in general.  I found some information about 7.4, but is 7.3.2 capable of handling MS Exchange 2010?  If so, what (if any) changes will need to be made?

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          If you review the supported platforms guide (http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-9100) you will find that Exchange 2007 is the latest supported version of Exchange for 7.3.2. This doesn't necessarily mean that Exchange 2010 won't work but it hasn't been fully tested by LANDesk so they can't support its use with ServiceDesk.


          If you are using straight in & out mail it *should* be fine but where you might have issues is if you are using Resource Manager. You could also contact support and see if they have any information on other customers who've migrated to Exchange 2010 and what their experience was like.



          Hadyn Dawson