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    Virtualize Outlook 2003 on a machine with Office 2007



      So I'm still in the early parts of trying application virtualization. What I am trying to do is create a virtualized copy of Outlook 2003 (just the client, not office) and I want to get it to run on my machine that has Office 2007 installed. On a machine without office, my Outlook 2k3 client works fine, but on my machine I see 2 behaviors: the first is if I have Outlook 2007 open, and run my virtualized Outlook 2003 client, it seems to start to work, but it ends up opening another instance of 2k7. So I get 2 versions of 2k7 running at the same time. If I close 2k7 and try to run my 2k3 client, it comes up and asks me for which profile I want to load, but as soon as I select my mail profile, the client locks up. The little window for Configuring Outlook Accounts and Creating Welcome Message is shown on the screen.



      I've tried following some steps in this article but it didn't help. It seems like even though it's a virtualized app, it's using file or registry settings off my host OS for Outlook 2007, is there a way to get it to run completely independant?