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    NOTIFY ASSIGNEE - Checkbox default ticked






      From the 'Add Assignment'  module - is there any easy way to check the Notify Assignee check-box by default ticked?


      I mean like - in the business object level - where the Notify Assignee field - in the property window it shows default value as false.


      (rather than going to the process design and deactivating the process and the going to each status and in the optional actions openinng and clicking the check-box there which needs to be done at all statuses and different process - so if you go the database object and then set the default value as 1 and then it will affect all the Add Assingment modules where ever they are linked)


      (not sure if my explanation is clear enough) Please let me know.


      Thank you.

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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup



          You can do this in the object designer in the "Process --> Process Assignment" object. Just select the "Notify Assignee" and change the default value from "False" to "True". Maybe an iisreset is necessary.




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            I did the steps now and after the iisreset when i opened the incident process saw the add assigment window at the in-progress status (for example) - the check box is not default checked - it is still the same as before.


            Let me know.

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              masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup



              for all not saved assignments, you can do the following.

              Go again in your "Notify Assignee" attribute in object designer. Change the "Is mandatory" to true. A new option will be available "Filled values" and choose "True".

              Go back to the "Is Mandatory" and change it back to "False". Save again.

              The default value should already be "True" in your case like said in my last post.

              If you now open a "Add Assignment" in your incident, the value should be "True". This will NOT work for assignments you have already saved.


              Before doing this, please do a backup of your database!




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                Your previous post - helps.


                Actually I thought of that setting the default value = true, this will change the setting done in to the incident process, but no. The design remains same and it is still unchecked.


                But if I open the incident(ticket) and do then click the add assingment button there I can see that check box is checked there.


                So to conclude here, the steps you which you have mentioned actually bypasses the process design and effect can be seen at the run time directly with no downtime.


                (note: my concern was only for check-box not with the previous ticket's data)


                Thanks for the support.