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    Bundle request process and bundles of different amounts


      Am I correct in assuming that the the OOTB bundle request process handles a bundle containing only one service? The instructions for the 7.4service catalogue have a section on creating the bundle process and it says in there that an automatic action to create a child request must exist for each service within the bundle...


      I have created a request with a calculation to determine how many services the bundle contains and then flow it down a separate path that contains the correct number of child request creations per the number of services the bundle contains.  I am wondering if Im over-engineering this because prior experience tells me an automatic action is needed for each item needed yet the OOTB bundle process example is very misleading.

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          When I wrote this article I was using the OOTB bundle process and didn't have to make amendments.  The OOTB bundle process will create all the child requests for any services linked to the bundle.  Yes you select the one bundle service when you make the request but this has already been linked to a number of services so the child requests will be created automatically even though there is just one automatic action.


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            Just to add small comment to Karens - I think there is a difference between using the OOTB 7.4 database and using the delivered 7.4 design transfer files to get the same result.  When I checked the request process after a design transfer at the point where there is a comment about firing off the collection of processes attached to a bundle, the value type wasn't set to do all the items in the collection.  In the OOTB it was, so it's worth having both databases on line just to compare and contrast.


            (If you are using the OOTB, please ignore the above!)

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              I do not remember the OOTB bundle process or if it was even created as I followed the design transfer instructions almost immediately after installing 7.4.


              What I am referring to is the instructions for building the bundle process within the 74ServiceCatalogue.pdf doc.  I gathered they were setting value types but didnt see how the system knew to go through and duplicate the automatic action for the collection of services within the bundle.  Thats not required per Karens statement and therefore the process is not misleading and thats a huge factor for me because I just built a process to calculate how many items there were and a separate path for each and its certainly not as efficient as this OOTB process given the way it works.  So this is really great news and a huge relief.


              I looked at your document previously Karen but I needed a definite answer on the process piece to be sure we knew exactly how much testing was required.

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                Us OOTB process designers and builders do like to give you guys things that are useful.