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    Deactivated Processes Being Used on New Incident/Problem/Changes




      I am having a bit of an issue that I'm hoping someone will be able to shed light on. We have Processes for Problem/Change that have been through a few alterations. Whenever an alteration is made the process that was being used is copied, the copy is edited to implement the change, set as default and renamed to be the current live process. The old processes are deactivated and renamed with iterative numbers (i.e. AA Process(1), AA Process(2) etc.), all the shortcuts on the Console and the Portal are checked and confirmed to be using the new, correct process, the old tickets are left to run their course and everything proceeds as normal.


      I have recently discovered that this is not all proceeding according to plan. On several occasions I have noticed tickets that have been creating processes using a process that is out of date and not active. This should be generating a "Process deactivated" error message, but instead just creates the ticket using the old process. The issue only occurs when a process is created on the Service Portal but when checking the shortcut to create the relevant process (Incident/Problem/Change), the shortcut is pointing to the correct, active process so I am well and truly confused.


      If anyone could shed any light on this, if it's a known issue with a workaround or if someone else has experienced this then please let me know as this is driving me a little crazy suddenly seeing processes that should be long deactivated being created


      Many Thanks,


      Anthony Mitchell

      The AA.

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          Hi Anthony


          We're having the same sort of issue but in 7.4 Console.  We'd removed all the workspace components in all shortcuts groups to the deactivated process and couldn't work out how this guy was creating tickets using the old process.  Turned out he had run a query that returned all his requests to get an old request process, right clicked it and the option "new" is there and kicks off a new ticket with that process.  Would like to see what LANDesk say about it, or for us if anyone can point me in the direction of how to remove the "new" option from the right click functionality in console I'd be much obliged.  Can only see documentation on webdesk right click.