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    User Session


      I know in Service Desk, you can track User login's by quering the User Session Table.

      Can LDMS track and report a history of user logins on a specific device?

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          in Inventory of clients you'll find the entries for Primary User, additionally you can check the history in Registry (not shown in LDMS).

          Take a look her: http://community.landesk.com/support/message/1486#1486


          Here http://community.landesk.com/support/message/57070#57070 you can find a ER you can vote for...


          Currently there exist no (real) tracking, you've to import the history from HKLM\SOFTWARE\LANDesk\Inventory\LogonHistory\Logons of the clients in a own table if you want to know all logons through client life time.


          A other possible way is to grab the entries in eventlog of all clients to get the logon/logoff of a user from time to time...




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            Thanks Axel,

            Excellent Information.

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              There is an additional approach that you could use provided that your agents are configured appropriately.

              If you have an inventory scan occurring at logon on your devices, you could go into the "inventory history" under the "configure" menu in the console. There you could checkbox under the "Inventory" column, "Login Name", and perhaps also "Primary Owner" (though that might be redundant.) You only need "Information" to appear in the Log/Alert severity drop down menu in the lower left corner of this screen for the items. Once you hit okay, all future inventories that come from devices will record the difference change into the "history" table in the DB for whatever you have selected in the inventory history. From there you'll need an SQL query to look at this data, since there's nothing in the console that directly reveals this data capture. Basically, over time, you'd start to get the different user ID's and/or AD cn's who are logging on to devices. This would then actually be in your DB and you could theoretically tie some sort of reporting to it.


              It is fairly important that the inventory scanner runs when a logon event occurs, so you would want to make sure that this is how you have your agents configured, otherwise you might not get much change data at all. You'd still get some, but it would not be as useful, i suspect.


              If this is something of interest, there's another thread that covers more on this table and how to get to it and get reporting from it.



              One additional note on inventory history... It appears that if a field is updated from some other process other than the inventory service on the core, then that data point is not capturable by the history feature. Such as date time fields related to specific Security scans just as an example. For that matter, i'm pretty certain that nothing from the security side can be captured in the inventory history, because its coming from a different service entirely. Not that it matters that much, but it is a confusing aspect of the inventory history feature.

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