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    LDISCN32 Version 2.1 cannon run with LDAPPL3.ini version 1.0


      I am having several clients get this error message when they try to run a manual software inventory.  If I reinstall the agent the problem goes away for a while but then comes back.  I have searched and found the following solutions on LANDesk's site:


      1 - Modify the ldappl3.template file on the core server. The version should be 3.0 and the Revision should be 1.02

      2 - Once the file is modified click on the Make Available to Clients button in the SLM tool



      the ldappl3.template file was already at Version 3.0 and Revision was at 1.02.  I don't see where I can go to click on 'Make Available' in the SLM tool though.



      Any Ideas on where i can go to permanently fix?


      By the way I am running Landesk