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    Change Management ITIL standards


      Looking for a good Process template for change management that follows ITIL Standards? Any ideas or where to start would be appreciated...


      Thanks~ AM

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          Well you can start with the main OOTB Change process and work from there, but in my experience, the change processes that have been developed by customers are many and varied and mostly are designed on the back of the existing processs within their business.


          There will be many on the community who will have their own opinion of what constitutes a good ITIL change process, but in my opinion, there are a few key stages that you need.


          1. Change Logging - this should include descriptions of the change and possibly a risk and impact analysis and back-out plan.
          2. Change Assessment - What type of change is this? Standard, Complex, Emergency...? Don't get into the trap of Emergency Change really being the 'I can't be bothered to log it!' change.
          3. Authorisation -  This really leads to CAB and we can deliver that in many ways.
          4. Scheduling
          5. Execution
          6. Completion and Assessment of success. You should always review changes that have failed and it's really a good idea to notify the desk of completed changes as they tend to create a bunch of new incidents.


          How's that for a start point?



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            I have created the following keeping mind some on here are requests from the director level.  Also, is there a way to import visio into the process designer at all???

            Change Process.png





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              There is no way of importing the visio, however there should be best practices on the web.  Failing that ServiceDesk does come with a Change process.  I'm in the middle of trying to work out the best way of implementing standard changes.. query, category, template... so many ways....!