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    LANDesk agent deployment to MS Virtual PC (XP Mode).


      LANDesk deployment has been going pretty well to a mix of Win7 and XP PCs.  That is until I try and deploy to Microsoft Virtual PCs (XP Mode on Win 7).  With virtual PCs it's been hit or miss.  And they don't quite all fail the same way: I remote into the virtual pc and see the gray systray icon, reboot, and the icon returns.  Sometimes I can remove the installation and successfully push the agents again or manually install using an executable.

      But now I have a few virtual PCs that give me a false positive if I push from the consonle ("program ran successfully"), or the executable just stops if I try it manually.  Or the installation errors out because it can't find various DLL files.  I get the DLL error message soon after AMTmonitor shows up in the Task Manager.  Event viewer tells me nothing and I don't see any logs that can give me any insight.

      Any direction on how to troubleshoot failed installations or the best practices for deploying to virtual PCs would be terrific.