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    MCPs No More?

    JBnCO Apprentice

      Oh where have all the MCPs gone?  My bookmark is removed and cannot locate the page that listed the available MCPs.  If they are gone for good, that is to bad.  It was a GREAT idea but never really got off the ground as updates had not been updated since March/April.

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          rmeyer SupportEmployee

          The Community article with the MCP's has been removed. We are reviewing the current MCP's to determine which ones if any will be posted on the public community. In the meantime, you will need to contact LANDesk Support to get any MCP's or patches.

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            rictersmith Specialist

            Guys, next time you pull an article please leave somthing in its place and easily found so we know that the information is no longer valid or a changed occured. You guys did great notifying us that you were making the move to this new process and then we heard nothing when it went away.


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              beau.gordon Employee



              I am sincerely sorry for the time you lost looking for the document.  The document was unavailable from Friday afternoon until now while we made some updates to publish some new patches.  I personally underestimated how frequently the document was depended on until I began to get requests almost immediately from several sources wondering what was going on.  We will handle future updates differently to assure continuous access.


              I've also just written a blog post to share more detail on the status of our product patches.The specified item was not found.


              Again, I am sorry for the miscommunication and the time lost.