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    How to recover deleted devices


      Hi All,


      How do we recover deleted device in Agent Configuration after the device has been discovered in Unmanage Device Discovey.

      This happen due to I was accidently deleted Failed device when deploying agent configuration. I have tried to UDD again but failed to find the devices.


      Attached is the screenshot for your reference.


      Thanks in advance guys..

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          Catalysttgj Expert

          The Inventory scanning process should get the devices back into the DB for you.


          Provided that the agent was successfully installed on these devices, you might try simply performing an inventory scan on the devices manually, if you can remote control the devices in some way. If not, they might just inventory on their own. Provided that when you created the agent config it included a scheduled inventory scan, the devices would most likely naturally reinsert themselves into the DB in time.


          Also its possible to manually insert a computer into the system via the console, but you must know some basic info about the devices in question.

          In the console, expand "devices" under the "Network view" area. You'll have the folder "All devices".. Right-click that and choose "Insert Computer". From there you will need to provide the computer name, IP name, and IP address. If you know all of those, you can manually insert a basic record. Once this item is inserted, you'd then need to perform a "Find" in the right hand pane for this entry, and then you might be able to right-click on that record and get it to perform an inventory scan on the device to get the real information to come in from the agent.



          Hope that's helpful.

          Good luck!

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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            Try looking in the location shown in the screenshot. Items that are being deployed to can sit in this location.




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              Wow, I never thought the feddback to my question to be this quick.


              Thanks MarXtar,

              I have found devices via your way.


              Again thank you all for responding..