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    Deploying adobe .air packages - is it possible?


      Good morning,


      Just a quick one as per the discussion title. I've got 1300 or so users who need access to the Salesforce Chatter application, which only seems to be available in .air format - has anyone had any experience/success with deploying AIR applications as a SWD Package?






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          LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

          I have never deployed it using SWD but have deployed it using Path Manager. By looking at the properties of the vulnerabilities, all LANDesk is doing is running the .exe with the "-silent" switch. May want to give that a try if you haven't already done so.

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            mrspike SSMMVPGroup



            Did the Wizards information provided help you?


            If so, please click as answered and give him credit, otherwise, please let us know what you have tried and we can help you further.

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              Sorry for not replying to this earlier. Unfortunately I don't have use of patch manager other than for LANDesk patches. The application I'm trying to push has an extension of .air rather than exe or msi - hence the confusion as to how to push it. As an aside, I've had the runtime deploying succesfully as an swd as that's in exe format and can use a silent install switch.


              I have tried contacting salesforce support on this issue but they've not really been a great deal of help, other than pointing me to the managed version and repeatedly telling me I need to install AIR runtime first!


              If it's not possible to push AIR packages unless they're as exe/msi then fair enough, just wondered (and hoped!) that someone else may have had a similar issue with this


              Thanks for any advice again