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    OSD fails after SP2 Upgrade

    jwood8 Apprentice

      Hi all,


      We have recently upgraded to 9 SP2 and since then our OSD templates do not work. What happens is that the image is pulled down successfully, but the next step (Expand Partition) fails with internal status -2147483648 and external status 4. The build continues past there and injects the Sysprep, does a few more steps, and then fails again on installing the drivers, internal status -2147477503 and external status 0. It then seems to hang and doesn't do 'configure target OS' or move on to the 'System configuration' section. We manually specify our drivers for each template using 'select manufacturer and model' rather than auto detect, this has always worked fine as the auto didn't seem to function properly.


      Anyone have any experience of this, or any ideas?