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    HII - Back to Basics Question


      Looking through the HII setup, the drivers you select can be a wide range of OS'.


      My question is when does Provisioning detect what type of OS is it. 


      Does it find out when I specify it when I create the Provisioning template? 


      Or does it some how find out during the WINPE loading stage?


      And also what happens when the driver you have is compatible for both win xp and win 7? 


      Does HII automatically pick the correct driver for it?


      The reason I am asking is that we are moving from XP to Win7.


      So I have already have drives for the XP side of it setup and working.


      When I try the provisioning for the Win7, it downloads the winXP drivers and then fails before downloading any of the drivers for win7.


      How do I get the Driver Management for HII to work for both Win XP and 7?


      Is it designed for that?


      Thank you.

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          EMiranda Expert

          I dont believe Provisioning detects the OS.


          If you look when creating a provisioning template, you have to choose what Target OS it is, so essentially you would need to make XP Templates and Win7 Templates.




          For driver management, I as well seperated Winxp and Win7 drivers.  Even if you have the same drivers now, WinXP support will end and you will still need updated Win7 drivers.


          I divide my drivers into 3 sections,  Win7 x86, Win7 x64 and WinXP



          in the long run it will be easier to manage that way, at least it is for me.

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            LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

            As EMiranda stated, the OS is determined by the target OS in Provisioning. If you add that action to your provisioning template you will see that it already tells you what the current OS is. That is then passed on to HIIClient.exe which also determines the make and model of the machine if you have not selected it prior. Once those things are determined then it will look at the library and start downloading the drivers. Are you downloading them via UNC or HTTP?


            When you upload a driver to HII, you are given the option to select what OS the driver is intended for. Yes, you can select more than one and then that driver would apply to multiple OS versions. I have done this in the past and it has worked for me very well.

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              Thanks for the information.


              It was weird because the template I use does specify Win7 64 as the target OS.


              However it was still downloading the winXP drivers and then failing.


              However after rebooting and redoing the drivers as both xp and win7, it correctly downloaded the drivers.


              However the driver aren't being installed.


              That leads to believe I have to put something in the sysprep file to point it to the driver path?


              How does everyone accomplish this?


              Thanks again.

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                Nevermind, foound a thread about drivers issues a few poists down.


                Reading up on it.



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                  I actually have another question.


                  After reading through the posts on how to get the drivers recognized in Win7, it seems that we have to rely on 3rd party tools (ie not Landesk's HII) for driver installation.  So my question is: "Is there no way to get Windows 7 to work with Landesk's HII?"


                  It worked great with WinXP.


                  Now I don't see a solution that involves Landesk's own HII method. 


                  Most suggest DPInst.exe or DISM.exe to enuemerate the drivers.

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                    EMiranda Expert

                    I know it works, but it honestly gave me headaches. I use dpinst.exe now and those headaches went away