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    Help with Process


      Hoping someone can point me in the right direction as after a day and a half I'm ready to tear my hair out!!


      We have a process where once the precondition "All Tasks at End State?" is true the process moves to a complete status and can then be closed.  All well and good.  However have hit a stumbling block, we had a request that had one task created, this was completed and the process moved it to complete status "All Current Tasks Complete".  The task was then restarted (at present this has no effect on the status of the request) and someone else later on then closed the request as the Close action was available due to the status being at "All Current Tasks Complete" but the task was still open - clear as mud so far!!


      For a short term solution after the complete status I've added the precondition "All Tasks at End State?" again so that at least the Close action isn't available.  I have been racking my brain trying to get the process when a task is restarted to go back to the "In Progress" status but this is proving more difficult than I thought (or my brain has just turned to mush because I've been looking at it for so long ).  At this point I'm seriously thinking of taking the Restart off the task as the easy solution and forcing them to add another task!


      If anyone can point me in the right direction I'll be eternally grateful


      Thanks as always - oh using 7.4!

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          I think the recommended way would actually be the way you've done it there, using a separate pre-condition after each status. This would be the simplest fool-proof way of ensuring the call cannot be closed with open Tasks on it.




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            Thanks Hadyn.  I'll really like to try and get the process back to a status of In Progress though - at the min we haven't pushed out Self Service to End Users but we will be and as it stands at the minute it'll look to them as though everything has been done even though it hasn't.  Of course I could be making a mountain out of a molehill as this situation doesn't happen very often but I'd like to have all bases covered - I'm getting too bloody pernickety in my old age

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              karenpeacock SupportEmployee



              I think that perhaps not allowing a task to be re-opened might be one good solution to be honest.  If a task was completed then someone must've done the job (you would hope) so if it is being re-opened then I assume it is for something which was unforseen and then perhaps should be recorded as a seperate task that they had to undertake?  Or as Haydn says, only allowing the action to return the status back to In Progress by hiding the Close action is a good route.


              If not though, the only solution (not tested - just a vague idea) I can think of would be a scheduled bulk action based on a calculation that sets a boolean to True.  A calculation on the process calculates that if the number of task collection records not at an end state returns a value over 0 and the status = All Current Tasks Complete then a boolean is set to True, then a scheduled bulk action based on a query looking for that boolean, could run a manual action that moves the status back to In Progress for you.  I must admit that I haven't done that much with calculations yet so you would need to check that this is possible.


              I wrote up a similar-ish type scenario a little while ago which would hopefully be helpful if you decided to go down that (quite complicated) route:



              Best wishes


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                Thanks Karen - as you say tasks shouldn't be completed if everything hasn't been done on them however we do have the odd instance where it isn't done right so in order to report on the SLA properly the task should be reopened.  If we create a new task then that's starting a new SLA clock.  Although I'm beginning to see why in the old process the action reopen wasn't available!!  I'll have a go at what you suggested (thank god for pre production cause I'm definitely going to break it!!).  Or if LANDesk feel like changing the process design functionality to allow a decision after a status everything would be hunky dory lol



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                  Just in case anyone else was looking to do this thought I'd post how I got it working.  Spent another day on Friday trying to work with calculations and scheduled actions but couldn't get it sorted - came in this morning and had a brainwave of a really easy fix.


                  In my task object created a new boolean attribute Task Restarted and added this to my task window.   In my task process added an auto action after the Restart to tick the boolean, then added a decision after the Complete to remove the flag - basically if a task is restarted it ticks the boolean and then if it's re-completed it removes the tick.  In my main request process added another precondition after my All Current Tasks Complete status to check if the Task Restarted boolean is ticked.  Created a dummy auto action after this that does nothing but lets me loop the process back to the In Progress status. 


                  Amazing what a couple of days away from LANDesk does to refresh the old grey matter.  Not a very high tech solution I will agree but end result is the process being at the status is should be.