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    Pxe Booting & Provisioning





      I wanted to talk about PXE Holding Queue.  From what I understand once it's set up, any machines that boot up automatically gets put in the queue.  And then you can leisurely drag it into a scheduled task to run something. 


      However I was wondering if it's possible to take it one step further.


      I would like to have on a certain subnet, that whenever a computer pxe boots, it will automatically pick this particular scheduled task (an imaging provisioning task).


      Normally I would either pxe boot and wait for the provisioning login and then select the provisioing template or put it in the bare metal server and add it to the provisioning task I have.


      Both require a manual task to start it and would like to automate that. 

      It would be awesome to get something like that to work.

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          Its an interesting idea. I think you should clarify exactly what you are trying to achieve and then post it as an Enhancement Request (ER) or Idea (as community calls them) and see if you get enough votes for the Product managers to take a look at it. Just leaving it a "normal" community post will not really take it anywhere :-)



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            Ah, ok.


            I just thought maybe someone knew if there was a way to do it.


            Just for clarification, I want a particular subnet to have a pxe rep that automatically boots anyone into WinPE and start a provisioning template.


            This is for imaging a computer.


            Right now, I have to get either the serial number or mac address and put it in the bare metal server.  Then add it to the scheduled provisioning task and run it.


            Everything is automated except for the beginning. 


            So what I would like is to just boot up a machine in a particular subnet and know that it will automatically provision itself without me doing anything.


            I will post this in the ideas section.