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    How to generate a report for "one-to-many" between 2 related business objects?

    Peter Lee Apprentice

      There are two related nusiness objects. One is the ticket log and the other one is to record feedback for each ticket. This means each ticket should has more than one feedback. What we want to do is to generate a report looks like this:


      Ticket No          Ticket Content           Feedback
      --------------      ----------------------      -------------------------------------
      100001              xxxxxxxx                   2011/06/03   yyyyyyyyyy
                                                                   2011/06/04   zzzzzzzzzzzz
                                                                   2011/06/06   ssssssssss
      100002              xxxxxxxx                   2011/06/05   yyyyyyyyyy
                                                                  2011/06/05   zzzzzzzzzzzz
                                                                  2011/06/07   ssssssssss


      Please help!