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    A calculation to to stop date field(s) being amended at a certain status


      Hi All


      Does anyone know if it is possible by a calculation to stop a date field being updated when the process is at a certain status?


      Basically, in our Change process a requester sets the date the change is to start and finish, the Change manager then authorises and the change then goes to the "Implementation" status. What we are finding is requesters are changing the "Agreed" change dates and we need a way of stopping requesters from amending these dates at the "Implementation" status (although they will be allowed to change these fields prior the Change manager Authorisation).


      I know I could create a query that would highlight if someone had changed the dates from the Audit trail, but we would much prefer that they do not have the ability at the "implement" status.


      If there is possibly another way of doing it, any suggestions would be much appreciated.


      Many thanks in advance.