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    Problems creating new user TP 7.2




      We are having an issue when trying to create a new user on Touchpaper Service Desk 7.2 (see screenshot attached).


      Basically it throws an error message: "Canno insert duplicate key row in object 'tps_user' with unique index 'index$tps_user$name'. The statement has been terminated.


      This user has never been setup in the system before, however I read and tried this to no avail : http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-5773


      We are running SQL 2000 (yes!!!) - (We are just about to migrate TP to v7.4 on Win2008R2 and SQL2008 box).


      Help would be appreciated.



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          If you use that script it will allow you to recover the deleted user who has the same name (aka login) as the new person.  You then rename the old person, delete and the new person can then be created.  The trick is to make sure that the unique key - name is fed into the script.  If you get 0 results updated, the name field supplied wasn't the right one.  How many entries were updated when you ran the script?

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            Hi Dave,


            This user has never existed in TP database, but I still get this error message when trying to create it.


            Not sure what else to do.


            Comments are appreciated.

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              How many entries were returned when you ran the script?


              Write a query against system/user and set the general entries at the end of the 'wizard' to show deleted items (it's normally off).  Add the title and name field and set a criteria for the delete flag being true.  That will give you a list of people who have been deleted and you can then present this list to your local support team and ask them to fix it


              If you write a similar query with out the filter on deleted you can also show existing users names and title which will again allow you to see if there is an existing user