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    LANDesk 9 and Multicast Delivery Method


      I just upgraded from 8.8 and I am having trouble with a very basic (or so I thought) issue. I'm simply trying to deploy a new agent to my servers from my LD Core. When the agent is ready in scheduled tasks, I can no longer change the distribution method. If I go to the properties of the task, the only options I have are Overview, Target devices and Schedule task. I used to have "delivery methods" as well, where I would choose "push" then "standard mutlicast distribution". I do not have that option anymore, however.


      I'm hoping I'm missing something basic here. Any help would be appreciated.

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          LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

          It's been a while since I used 8.8 but in 9.0 when you schedule an agent install you can't choose a deliver method. It's pretty much a straight push. One thing you can do, which I have also done, is to create a distribution package and point it to your agent. Then you can schedule that and choose whichever deliver method you want.

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            I actually am using 9.0


            What bothers me is that I am not able to choose the delivery method for patches either. How do you do patching if you want the patches to push? I certainly do not want to create a new delivery method for every patch!

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              LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

              Yeah patches can be that way too. The only real options you have are those that appear when you click "Repair". One thing I did notice is that if you repair it as a policy then the delivery method options show up on the task. Not sure if changing those to a push would break it. You have to remember that vulscan is the one that is doing the patching and when you schedule a patch, you are really sending a script to the machine telling vulscan to repair that patch. Vulscan then will begin running and download the patch or patches. If you use multicast the the patch is sent to the machine first and then vulscan is told to run.