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    Outbound email failure


      As of 15:46 yesterday we have been getting a repeat issue as shown below. I think this is the cause of our outbound emails failing.


      The Notification Processing task failed with the following error message: Background processing error: Notification message delivery failed for notification of class type 'IncidentManagement.Reminder' with primary key 'b8032232-a236-4acc-86bf-066c489a28e3'. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

      Things such as response escalation points etc, are having emails generated and sent to analysts. If a reminder is created from an Incident note and flagged to notify raise user, it is not getting received. I can generate reminders and add email addresses and they are received.

      Anyone have an idea as to what is causing the fault.

      I have deleted the instance of the primary key above in a reminder, after restarting the service a new one has been generated.

      I have copied the note detail that is not working and put it in the reminder and sent it manually and it worked.

      The last actions performed last night was importing the customer satisfaction survery windows and process.

      Could someone please help, this is causing major issues.

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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          I believe I had the same issue one time before and it was because an attribute that was trying to be accessed was deleted.  Do you remember deleting any attributes from the system that might have been used as a placeholder in your outbound mail reminders?  If you did, just add it back and it should clear it all up.  We had this happen and it was a nightmare until I added the attribute back, restarted the mail services and the background services.


          Hope this helps,

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            When you say "after restarting the service" which do you mean.  From memory I have had this issue previously, and I believe I restarted both the Outbound mail service, and the Background service to resolve it.