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    Calculation from Task to Stop Clock on Incident Process


      Morning All,


      I was wondering if anyone knew if it  was possible to perform a calculation on the task process that would  stop/start the clock on the parent incident process? I could accomplish  the same action with a bulk scheduled query/action but it would be nice  to be able to do it "on-demand" via the process. I'll give you some  background as to what I'm trying to accomplish.


      At the  moment we use an incident process for Service Requests. The SR team log  a ticket for the SR and assign a task to Desktop and tick "Awaiting  Delivery"/Stop clock if the item is being delivered by a Third Party  (I.e. New computer/monitor etc) and when the item is delivered Desktop  run an action in the Task process to say the item is delivered which  date stamps the delivery and at this stage I would like the clock to  automatically restart on the Incident. Anyone have any idea if this  could be (and an idea of how) this could be accomplished using  calculation?


      The other way I was thinking was to do a  query to pick up where the Item Delivered box on Task is ticked and the  incident clock is stopped and apply a bulk action schedule to restart  the clock but I'd prefer a calculation if possible.


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      Anthony Mitchell

      The AA.