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    Incident Management Process - Linking to Problem


      We are currently reviewing our problem management process and how incidents are linked to problems.


      I'm having problems with stopping/starting the SLA clock for incidents once they have been attached to a problem.

      See attached screenshot of our incident process that links to problem.


      Basically an incident is logged and attached to a problem, this will then stop the SLA clock.


      Once a workaround has been identified, the problem record and known error are updated with the workaround.


      We then want all incidents attached to the problem to change status to "Workaround Available" and the SLA to start again (to apply the work around). I wanted to do this using a pre-condition, looking at an attribute on the problem record, but this is not possible due to process design limitations as incidents are not re-evaluated if the problem record is updated only if the problem changes status.


      I was just hoping someone could give me an example how they manage problems and incidents through Landesk Service Desk?