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    How long do computers/nodes stay in Landesk?


      Hi, I am trying to find an answer that I cannot seem to find in the FAQs or the Manual. How long does a computer/node stay in Landesk? We are using Landesk 9 SP2 and some of our computers can go to remote sites for up to a year but we do not want to lose track of them so having them registered in Landesk forever would be great.


      What is the retention period? If there is a purge setting, where is it so that I can change it?



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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          In the Console, must be on the Core, go to Configure > Configure Services > Inventory.


          You will see "Days to keep inventory scans"


          0 = forever


          any other value is in 'days'


          If set for say 90 days, it will delete systems from your core that have not scanned in during that time.



          I would normally recommend setting it at 60 - 90 days, but you will have your systems deleted if you do so.  I strongly suggest you look at getting a Management Gateway device, they are not that expensive and they allow the systems to scan in from the Internet and for you to patch and manage them pretty much as if they were on site with a few differences (jobs must be "pulls" / policies)



          If you do not set the inventory to a reasonable number you are going to have a hard time keeping track of 'real' systems and those that have been de-commissioned and or rebuilt

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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            Definitely look at getting a gateway appliance. Each of those records in LANDesk are consuming one of your licenses, but you can't do anything to manage them and they will screw up software distribution and patch management results as they will never be available.


            With the gateway you will be able to reach them for support and for keeping them up to date and make full use of those licenses.


            If for some reason you don't want to do the gateway but still want to keep the data, you could consider using Verismic Archive Analytics to archive out the data for those devices. That would allow you to get your license back, avoid the issues in software distribution & patch management, but still have access to the inventory data for those devices (reporting for archived devices wouldn't be in the main console though). The link to take a look is in my signature.


            If it was me though, assuming there are no odd circumstances, I'd invest in a gateway appliance.


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