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    Question about Custom Data Form and new Landesk Server




      I have a Landesk Server with Management Suite 8.80 and I want to create a new install of Landesk Server with the Management Suiter Version 9.0, now I use some data stored in "Custom Data Form" on Server with Management Version 8.80, if I install the new server with Management 9.0 and migrate the client agent the "custom data form" remain the same or will be deleted?


      For me it's very important to maintain the actual "custom data form" after the installatiion of the new server with Management suite 9.0



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          I can't remember if a side by side install takes across forms. If it doesn't, just make sure you locate all of the .FRM files on your old server and put them into the same place on your new server. Custom data forms are just files, so as long as they are in place before you deploy your new agent (and your new agent has custom data forms configured to work the same way as your old one), then you should be fine.


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            Catalysttgj Expert

            We did the side by side upgrade to 9.02. Of course, we made a copy of the 8.8 DB and actually upgraded it by pointing the 9 installation at that copy so that it could add/change the correct tables. This preserved pretty much everything we had, with some exceptions. You will still have to go through some steps to get certain xml files to regenerate on the new system. I think the DB copy is also relevant to preserve the custom data forms in the system, but it may be that the only step that was really required was copying the FRM files as MarXtar points out. This is definitely needed. If you're like us, you'll want to do the DB copy to ensure that you don't lose anything. If you try to go the route of just a clean DB on the 9, you may end up dropping other things that you want to keep.