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    Scheduled Tasks

    hunter13 Apprentice

      I have a quick question, we have roughly 1000 scheduled tasks inside of landesk and one computer might be in a 100 different scheduled tasks. Is there a easy way from the Management console to see which scheduled tasks a single computer is in and can a computer be deleted from all the scheduled tasks at once without out removing the computer from landesk?

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          LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

          There is a way you can see what tasks that machine is in. You can right-click the machine and go to "Scheduled Tasks and Policies..." and that will pull up a list. You can't however go to the task from that window. I only see a couple of options for getting rid of a machine from say 100 tasks. There is no current way inside of LANDesk to do this, at least that I know of. Outside of LANDesk, you can try to create a SQL script that will do it for you. Other option I see is to flat out delete the machine entry from the LANDesk console and that will essentially remove it from the database. Once it's gone you can either do a manual inventory scan or just let the machine check in again. You will loose any historical data for that machine, only important if you report on those types of things.

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            hunter13 Apprentice

            Thanks for the response. I didn't think it was possible inside of landesk but I had to ask. Thanks again.. 

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              klevitan Specialist

              A quick and dirty way would be to delete the client. That will remove it from all tasks. When it next does an inventory scan it will add itself back in to the console.

              - Kurt

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                LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

                Points please .