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    Listing netstat info from a query


      I was wondering if there was a way to pull netstat-a information via a query of our machines?  I have tried to look in the concole with not too much luck.  We are running the management suite 9 with patch and compliance manager only (no other security suite modules).  Thanks.

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          Man, I looked very carefully through the inventory, and i didn't find this in he DB currently. I'm thinkin this one is not going to be an easy one to pull off stuffing into the DB. Its an interesting thought though. You'd have to enumurate every instance that netstat -a will list somehow, and then somehow get the inventory scanner to see all that. I'm not even sure its possible to get a variable count of entries from something into inventory with customization. I know it does enumeration, because it does stuff like nics, and usb devices and that sort, so it must be possible to do that, but how one would collect a list of items, and then stab them into ldappl template, i'm not sure.


          Do you really need it in the DB? Could you just do an output to a file, and then upload it to a central share somewhere instead, maybe?


          Anyone else?

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            A csv file would be more than adequate.  I figured I could script something to output to a txt file or something, but I wasn't sure if there was anyway to directly leverage LD.  I will l will look at the ldappl template to see if I can inject it in there.  I'm thinking the script to txt may be just as easy thought.  Thanks Cat

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              this article can be a good starting point.




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