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    Slow File Server Copy Speeds


      I have a case open with LANDesk regarding this but wondered if anyone else has experienced it.


      It seems to have happened since updating the LANDesk Management Suite 9 (unpatched) to Service Pack 2 and possibly post the 'LANDesk 9 LD90-SP2-MCP_CORE-2011-0428 Core Patch' which updates the PC Agent from to The antivirus software (LANDesk Antvirus (Kaspersky)) version has jumped from to


      When copying files from various Windows file servers to Windows XP based computers the copy speed is slower than normal and can take a while to begin the copy (i.e. determining/calculating...). If you stop the LANDesk Antivirus service copying is back to normal speeds and the 'determining/calculating' part is almost instant. It is happening on multiple machines and reinstalling the LANDesk Agent and antivirus software hasn't fixed the issue.

      It does seem to be linked to Windows file servers as copying files from a NetApp CIFS Filer volume is fine.


      I have tested copying the same files from the same Windows file server to a machine using the old agent/antivirus version ( and copying speeds are much better.


      Any ideas?