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    On Hold action at multiple status - Calculation or Clever Processing??


      Hi Folks


      We have an "On Hold" action for Requests which worked well to date as all our processes only have 2 status at which they can be put On Hold so adding this twice was no big deal.


      I'm working on a new workflow process where there are going to be 6 statuses where it could be put On Hold from.  So, I could replicate the On Hold  mini process 6 times but I'm going to have one messy looking overall process.  I'm looking for ideas on how to achieve the On Hold without having it 6 times in the process.  My initial thought was putting in decisions after the Start Clock action but don't know where to begin as I'd really want it to be looking at the status it was previously before it went on hold and then to go back to it or to go to the next decision and so on and so forth.  Not sure if this is achievable with a calculation and my calculation writing skills are probably zero.  The only other option I'd though of was to have a boolean that ticks as the process moves to that status and base my decisions on it.


      Any thoughts much appreciated