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    Inbound E-Mail mailbox fails test


      Hi all,


      Im able to configure and test the Outbound E-mail mailbox successfully (test email shows up in the inbox); however, the Inbound E-mail mailbox test fails all the time.


      Error message: Failed To connect for server named: (server name) with user name (the user name for the email account).


      I've checked with my network team here and they assure me all the settings are correct, but for some reason the dedicated email account created for LANDesk and my own email fail when testing.



      Anybody run into this before?  Did i miss something in the initial setup? Any input would be great!


      Thank you

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          dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

          Some possible causes - there is a firewall preventing the imap port from being accessible from the LANDesk server to the email server, if you are using exchange, not only does IMAP need to be available on the exchange server, but the account you are using needs to have IMAP enabled too.


          I'd telnet to the mail server on the IMAP port you configured in email and if you don't get some sort of 'I am your email server' welcome coming back, you can safely assume it' a port/firewall/security issue over which LANDesk has no control.


          Another useful diagnostic is to get outlook express set up on the LANDesk server as that can also be configured to use IMAP.  Again if the team cannot get that to work, it indciates some environmental issue.

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            Thank you for your input.


            So it turns out we dont support IMAP4.


            Is there a MAPI or workaround i can use or is available within the software?

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              dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

              I don't think so no.