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    Long install times pushing out .Net 4.0 updates to client


      We are having a problem within the enterprise when pushing out .Net 4.0 updates noted below.  This is primarily out to Server 2003 x32, but also some Server 2003 x64, and we are running LD  It seems like any .Net 4.0 update can take between 20-40 minutes with clients idling prior to install.  Metrics taken locally while job is running on client show low CPU usage/Disk I/O.  It seems like the patch just installs at it's own leisure, and since LD is waiting for completion, the update process all 3 can take 40-90+ minutes.  Different types of hardware seem to respond accordingly, newest machines take less time, and older machines take longer...


      KB2539636 (MS11-069)

      KB2518870 (MS11-044)

      KB2478663 (MS11-039)


      These updates are not abnormally large.  Does anyone have any ideas or experience the same thing?  We regularly push these updates out monthly as they are released, and have run into problems each time within our monthly update window.


      Any help or tips are greatly appreciated!