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    Help with a simple cross tab report

    Adam Wilden Expert



      I've never really used Crystal before (or at least not for many many moons) but have now been asked to produce a grouped report (which landesk can easily display on screen  but can't print -  well it can, but it won't print only the group headers and tries to print or export 40,000 entries!)


      So I am finally going to have to start using Crystal and this is therefore a blatant and cheeky request for help!


      I need a crosstab of category against month logged, for between prompted time periods.


      I've installed Crytsal and set up a connection to our DB server and can successfully import tables to the CrossTab wizard.


      So any advice on what tables I need?  IM_ Incident_Category obviously, but I also looked at IM_Incident though it doesn't seem to include a date.


      If anyone has an similar existing report I can look at (i.e. steal from)  or any advice I'd be very grateful.


      Cheers - Adam.