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    Cascade Reboot option for VDI




      We are using Landesk 9 SP2 and I am using the poweroff.exe command to reboot our computers by scheduling the Landesk custom script. We have a full VDI implementation and you could image what would happen if I rebooted all these machines at the same time.


      Is there a way to cascade the reboot option? Looking for ideas.I use a query to target the machines but is there a way to have each machine reboot a minute apart from each other so that I don't create a boot storm?




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          an idea to work on is to use the LANDesk Local Scheduler ( LocalSch.exe ) to schedule (only one time no repeat option) the poweroff command with a randomic delay that can be achieved using the /autodelay parameter.


          So your command should be something like:


          LocalSch.exe /exe="poweroff.exe" /autodelay="1|10"


          If you need to pass parameter to the poweroff.exe you can add the /cmd="my parameters here...." switch to the command.


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