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    Please Share Your Experience - Enterprise Windows XP to WIndows 7


      Hello all;


      I am working with an organization in moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 for 20,000 devices.  I am hoping that some of you have done a deployment of this size and would be willing to share your experience, major challenges and tips.  Deployment will be done via LAN.  I have overseen software rollouts to these devices however changing the OS offers up it's own set of challenges.  Suggestions/answers to even simple questions such as can a user continue working while the OS change is occuring would be greatly appreciated.




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          Hi Robert!


          A good way to start is to read and view these Documents:


          Best Known Method for Deploying Windows 7



          E-Learning Course



          I am also pretty sure, that you can't deploy while the user is working on the System.

          The only thing you can do, is giving him a replacement (for example WBT/Terminal Client) while deploying/provisioning.


          Make also sure, to include Service Pack 1, so you don't need to upgrade again after a short period.

          We also included other languages in our Installation and packaged our Office Install in a ZIP File.

          The Deployment went smoothly and without bigger problems, but our Rollout went step by step with

          5-10 clients per Day.


          Best Regards


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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            One thing to bear in mind when looking at this kind of migration is how rapidly the customer desires the migration to happen and what level of user impact is acceptable.


            There are a number of ways you could theoretically achieve this migration, some just using the 'official' methods, other using a more 'hybrid' method.


            The official methods may be fine but it depends on what you have available for image storage, and critical timeline information. I'd say start defining the parameters of the project and then examine the options available since the 'best method' for you may be completely different to the way LANDesk was designed; I know it has been for me in a number of instances and some will comprise multiple steps to prepare systems prior to migration.


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