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    Cannot Provision Server 2008 R2 SP1


      Has anyone been able to provision Server 2008 R2 SP1 with LANDesk Provisioning ?


      I have created a Provisioining Template that does the following:


      • Creates the Partitions
      • Authenticates to the Install Source location
      • Execute File - Runs the Windows 7 x86 Setup.exe with the unattend.xml for Server 2008 R2.


      I am using the 32 bit Win7 setup as the WINPE environment is 32 bit.


      Setup.exe reads the unattend.xml and starts the OS installation from the supplied source location.


      The unattend.xml file contains the relevent setup information for the Server 208 R2 SP1 install.


      I have tried adding the metadata /IMAGE/NAME with the Server SKU specified. With this in place the setup program skips the SKU selection but then displays the following error message: "Windows could not display the images for installation"




      I have also tried building 64bit WINPE, but the LANDesk provisioning tasks run as 32bit apps and there is no WOW64 in WINPE !!!!!!!


      Has anyone got any ideas ?