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    PXE Rep with VMWare on machine




      I am having some trouble.  I have pushed a PXE rep installation to a specific PC in our environment.  Everything works great.  Then all of a sudden the clients boot, receive the DHCP information and then try to reach to an incorrect IP address for the WinPE image.



      PXE PC IP is


      Clients boot and start looking for and then fail and load the existing HDD image.


      For the longest time, we just redeployed the PXE rep to the machine and carried on. Today it dawned on me that I have VMware installed on this same machine.  the IP address of one of the VMware NICs is  How come the PXE software keeps reverting back to that IP.


      Is there a way to force it to use a specific NIC on the machine.  This machine has 3 NICs (regular, vmware and vmware).


      I hope someone knows how to resolve this as we are going to be deploying PXE reps out to about 100 machines in various offices (seperate vlans so we need one each), and they all are onto machines that have VMware server installed.  That was the plan anyways.  We can certainly use other machines if there is no way to force the PXE software to utilize a specific NIC's IP.