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    Provisioning Fails after the CTOS.


      I am just starting to work with provisioning and I have yet to get it to work end to end.  I am new and I have spent over a week surfing this forum and trying different fixes.  So let me explain and hopefully someone can lend me a hand.


           First, I am Running 9.0 SP2.  Our images are XP SP3 with sysprep and we uses the Uninversal Imaging Utility.  Ghost is our main imaging software.  So we have PXE running and OSD works fine, Software distribution is working Ok as well as patching via Vulscan.


           So what I am noticing is after creating a provisioning template, I got it past the CTOS and it fails right after the reboot.  I did notice that the c:\ldprovisioning is not being made.  If I remove the reboot after the CTOS stage it stops on pxe screen.  When I open a new console and look, there is not folder creation and the sysprep folder is missing the OEM folder.  I know how to script something to create the directory structure and copy the files down but my understanding is that the ldprovisioning.cmd is created on the fly by LD.  Any help or pointing in the right direction would be greatly appriceated.



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          Ok, I have gotten a little further.  I removed the reboot after the CTOS as it seems to include a reboot.  I got it all the way thru the template, it joined the domain but did not insert the correct machine name.  It retained the default name from the Domain.  I have since changed the %ldDeviceID% to "ldHostname" as this is what I use in all of my OSD's.  I am testing it now.  I'll update this when I have an answer.

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            Ok, so that did not get the computer name changed either.  So now I am at a loss.  It seems to me that the only thing I have left is to get the Name changed correctly.  Also I am noticing the reboots stop and require a logon.  So I need to get them to flip over and auto logon a few more times.  I believe this may be done simply by editing the sysprep.inf for the auto logon count.

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              Hi Zenchee,

              First of all you need to change your sysprep according to your variables




              ;Part of sysprep.inf

              In this case DisplayName is a public variable linked to "Computer"."Display Name" inventory metadata.
              LANDesk create a sysprep.inf file and it replace variables with inventory values if (and only if) sysprep.inf is injected using "Inject script" action (it shouldn't be in the image). The remaining is MS staff.


              >Also I am noticing the reboots stop and require a logon

              provisioning runs as a service (so logon is not needed) but it wait 10 minutes for a user logon before start.