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    Offline install of app via Desktop Manager SDP


      I've got an app I want to push to someone that sets up a connection to their home router. Their computer must be online at home, rather than here, so there is no live connection back to our LD server to pick up the install files.


      I've set up a policy that appears in the software deployment portal and displays the application. I've go the policy marked as Offline-If computer cannot contact core server, allow to set up offline. However when I try to do so, it fails, probably because the actual installation files are not downloaded to the workstation.


      How can I get those files move to the sdmcache so that my user can install this program while offline?



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          So this is where the LANDesk Management Gateway would work very well, however, it appears that you don't have the device.  One questions are the users installing this application(s) local admins on the machines?


          This trick may also work without the gateway. You could do a psh of this type to the workstations and the file will be cached. http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2347

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            We don't have the Gateway.


            The user I'm pushing to does not have local admin rights. And we will not provide those credentials for him to install non-MIS supported programs that he uses off site.


            What happens if I also copy the install files to the sdmcache folder? The policy would stay in place as though being deployed from the server. But if the local workstation first looks in the cache, wouldn't that work? Or could I have the user start the install while here on site, cancel, and then re-start at home?

            [edit: Okay, tried this and doesn't work]



            He has to be on his local home network for this application to detect some settings.


            [Further edit: used the link to look at the article you had above. Okay, so I created a blank batch file as the primary and the others next. So that does download the files to the sdmcache. However what then? Since the policy has run, then it moves to History and can't be re-run? [set as Recommended, not Required]. Do I then edit the batch file on the local machine having it point to the actual .exe I want?]



            Now I'm wondering about using the multicast cache only option having the user machine be the target and source.

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              Okay...think I've got it. Basically jumped off the suggestion from multicasting, etc.



              I created a delivery method called Offline Cache. It's a multicast-cache only, with default settings. Do not include the 'download from peer or cache only" option.

              Next, create the distribution package itself.

              I use the Offline Cache method and target the single workstation I want. What this does is to push the installation media to the sdmcache folder but does not install it, which is what I want because the user has to do this part at home.


              I then have a policy called Allow The User To Install. The settings allow the user to start a package with option Display Progress to User.


              I created a scheduled task using this policy and the same distribution package. The result is that the program now appears ready for install in the Software Distribution Portal. The user can then click on  Deploy.


              Since the LD client looks to the local cache first, it finds the installation media and launches. Overall, this process allows for a pre-staging of software. Note that I have limited numbers of users that I have to do this for so it's not a big deal.


              I will be attempting this process with the user and will report back any bugs.