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    LAN Reports Computers as Off but They are ON - Software Push Fails


      Hi all;


      I don't work with LAN but told our guys I would do a little research.


      We are pushing encryption software on scheduled iterations that requires the user to have their device turned on and logged in to the network.  I have received a number of reports from users saying that they had their computer on and logged in but did not get the upload.  When we check the results report from LANDesk it shows the device as having been off and so LANDesk abandoned the push instructions.  I have confirmed that these machines were turned on and logged onto the network and am wondering what would cause LANDesk to mis-interpret the status as being off?  The number of devices we are delivering the software to is in the thousands so manual pushes are out of the question.


      Any suggestions, solutions or work arounds would be helpful