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    PE Driver Addition to image creates provisioning Nightmare


      Hello all!


      This has been a longstanding issue, and I am hoping to get some more feedback/troubleshooting steps to take to help narrow down what might be going on…


      Our Dev Environment:

      LANDesk 9.02

      PXE configuration is working fine

      Limited rights to the core for just script creation and development



      We are trying to get our OSD configured and have been working some time on this process, and since some training about 4 months+ ago, we have been having issues with our PXE environment.


      When we PXE boot into a system it will automatically go into an automatic Provisioning process.


      When I have rolled back to an earlier version of the WIM image for our Boot environment, we are back and able to take care of what we need, it will boot into the PXE menu, and all is well!


      Until we add WINPE drivers in the LANDesk console… then we are right back to where we were with the automatic provisioning script.


      This has been frustrating, and any information/guidance/support people can send along will be greatly appreciated!


      “Thank you for your support”