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    Companies using OSD? What sort of Experiences/pros/cons?


      Hello All!


      Sorry to ask the question, and I wish it wasn’t needed, but i am looking to get some experience stories about some USD implementation .


      If you are comfortable about sharing business names, that would be appreciated, but i would like to get an idea of numbers of PCs imaged, levels of automation, and what hurdles you have had to get over.


      Our shop is trying to validate that this method is commonplace enough to continue along the time and money it will cost to get it working in our environment.


      We have been working with it for quite some time, and have LANDesk in our environment, we just need to implement the OSD components successfully.

      Naturally our higher level management wants to ‘QUESTION ALL THE LINE ITEMS!’



      All part of the game I suppose!


      Let the experiences flow!



      Thanks kindly everyone!

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          I've run projects at different companies setting this up or using it for specific activities such as OS migration. I can't give specific company examples, but there are a few general observations I have.


          Setting this up properly takes time and patience and the results need to be compared against the alternative of not using it. By this I mean that setting this up is one part of it, maintaining it is the essential component. You could spend a few days or weeks getting this working with each of the models you use today and everyone will be happy, but after a while, if you don't continually maintain it, the success rates will decline as your hardware vendors make subtle changes to the models you get and the OS and application patches get out of date meaning the post provisioning sequence gets longer.


          The most successful places I've seen have the provisioning process being owned one one or more people so that there is someone that is measured by its reliability. Aside from the occassional bugs etc that any software product has as it evolves, lack of accountability is the biggest failing I've seen over the years for something as powerful and as complicated os OS Provisioning (and SW packaging).


          Done right you will be able to build any system for any person within an hour, done wrong, you'll find it a complete waste of time.


          A reasonable analogy would be spending money on a landscape gardener so you have a great looking garden only to complain 6 months later that the garden is faulty because it's full of weeds and everything is overgrown. If you want it to look/work great you have to maintain it.


          One other thing to consider as well is that many successful organisations also maintain strong control over standards in the business as far as the hardware types that are allowed. This doesn't necessarily mean that people can only have one type of PC, but that there is a process of acquisition that also includes integrating it into the provisioning process. Keep the numbers manageable though others that also kills benefits.


          I know there are no specific numbers here or technical gotchas, but hopefully it is still useful.


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            I would 100% agree with MarXtar. It goes a long time to understand this and make this running without problems.

            This need also Maintenance with every newer System that comes with other CPU's, Network Cards etc, and it is nearly

            impossible to do without Company Standards. Also HII doesn't help for all and you must always download the main drivers.

            We are using here HII for making the basic Install and Provisioning for deploying the Standard Tools to the Client.

            Also don't forget, if you have WAN Sites, you need to sync and deploy Images and Drivers also to them.

            So the needed Diskspace can grow a lot, if you have for example 10 Sites.

            I would use OSD and Co. only if you have much clients per Year, to change or renew.


            Check also the new Landing Page for OSD:



            Hope this is helpful for you


            Best Regards